11:10pm Freezing Rain Update

Ice Storm Warning Extended into the Missouri Ozarks

National Weather Service warnings as of 10:53pm. 
Color codes:
  • Deep purple = ice storm warning.
  • Pink = winter storm warning for ice (lesser threat than the deep purple).
  • Purple = winter weather advisory for freezing rain or freezing drizzle (lesser condition).
  • Green = freezing fog (slippery roads may develop).
  • Gray = fog advisory
  • Ignore the pale tan.
An ice storm warning not only means that roads will be nearly impassible but that there is a chance of power outages. 

11:15pm: the Oklahoma City airport is closed due to icing. Flights are being diverted to other airports. 

Regional Radar at 11:10pm. The precipitation is moving northeast. The heaviest freezing rain is the darker salmon color from the southern Flint Hills of Kansas into eastern Oklahoma. Conditions will deteriorate rapidly in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozarks the next three hours. 

Here is a forecast of freezing rain from 9pm this evening until 1pm Monday.

Total freezing rain from now until 8am Tuesday.
The darker colors indicate heavier amounts of freezing rain. 

Here are the local radars as of 10:58pm. Salmon is freezing rain. Moderate freezing rain is falling in a number of areas. I-35 is nearly impassible from Norman, south, in Oklahoma. Many roads are icy in northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas. 


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