7:15pm Sunday Update on Freezing Rain and Flood Risk

Updated Forecast HERE

Heavy Rain and Flooding Forecast
Let's begin with the threat of limited flooding in the South.
The blue, hatched area is where "limited" flooding could occur later this week as a result of heavy rains in the region. The area enclosed by the dotted line is where some isolated flooding could occur. 

The orange area is where 5-7" inches of rain is forecast to fall this week.

Freezing Rain Forecast

Now until 11pm:
Serious icing expected in the red oval between now and at least 11pm CST..

Below is the freezing rain forecast from now until noon Monday. There will be areas that receive freezing rain tonight that will change to ordinary liquid rain as temperatures rise Monday. 
Forecast freezing rain amounts noon today to noon Monday 
Darker purple indicates greater accumulations of freezing rain.  

Total freezing rain through noon Tuesday.
Light rain or drizzle will occur in a wider area Monday night and Tuesday morning.

As to power outages for the next 24 hours, 
Where you see the orange, scattered electrical outages are possible. The greatest threat is in the Ozarks. 

National Weather Service warnings, et cetera. current as of 6pm.
As of 3:50pm, are the warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service. Color codes:
  • Deep purple = ice storm warning.
  • Pink = winter storm warning for ice (lesser threat than the deep purple).
  • Purple = winter weather advisory for freezing rain or freezing drizzle (lesser condition).
  • Green = freezing fog (slippery roads may develop).
Radar as of 6pm. 


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