Winter Storm Warning in the South - UPDATE 3:45pm Sunday

Winter Storm Warning Expanded
Here we go again with yet another winter storm along with extremely cold temperatures.  Color code:
  • Pink is a winter storm warning.
  • Dark turquoise is a winter storm watch.
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory.
  • Light blue is a cold wave warning. 
  • Light green is flood warnings. 
The gold line is the approximate line separating ice from snow. Heavy snow is likely in Tennessee. Nashville is expecting 3 to 7 inches

Forecast Snowfall

Forecast Freezing Rain
The ice will also cause major travel disruptions. Many airports have delays due to deicing.

Below is a map of power outages across the U.S. They have been increasing the East all day.
I would postpone any optional travel from Texas to West Virginia.


  1. What's the accumulation of snow in Cleveland Tennessee?

    1. I'm sorry, I just saw your request. I'll be posting a map in the next half-hour or so.


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