9:55am Monday Ice Storm Update

Here is a forecast of where the freezing rain will be heaviest until noon.
If you look closely, there is a turquoise oval from just south of Chicago into southwest Michigan. This is where the freezing rain will be heaviest and where power failures could occur.

Above is the Illinois radar as of 9:45am 

Current National Weather Service Warnings
Color codes:
  • Deep purple = ice storm warning.
  • Pink = winter storm warning for ice (lesser threat than the deep purple).
  • Purple = winter weather advisory for freezing rain or freezing drizzle (lesser condition).
  • Green = freezing fog (slippery roads may develop).
  • Gray = fog advisory
  • Ignore the pale tan.
So far this has primarily been a traffic storm, power failures -- so far -- have been minor.  


  1. Richard A Percifield JrJanuary 22, 2024 at 10:56 AM

    I am 1 hour east of Chicago and we are having heavy freezing rain now with the temp at 28F. The road surfaces are wet but ice is accumulating on every thing else.

  2. Thank you, Richard!


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