At 6pm, the Midwest storm is gathering in the central Great Plains. The snow will increase in size and intensity tonight and tomorrow. 

Finally, the National Weather Service has issued 
blizzard warnings...

Color code

  • Orange = blizzard warning. Note: I believe these will be expanded later tonight. 
  • Pink = winter storm warning for heavy snow.
  • Purple = winter weather advisory 
  • Gold/Brown = high wind warning 
  • Pale brown = winter weather advisory, a much lesser condition

Forecast Update 3:55pm

We expect the outlined area to have heavy falling snow between 6 and 10pm. 

Forecast snowfall until 6am Friday.

Snowfall, 6am Friday to 6am Saturday

Here is the forecast snow though 6pm Friday. Much of this area will have increasing winds and blizzard conditions, especially in he evening. 

There will almost certainly be flight delays at O'Hare, Midway, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Detroit by afternoon and evening. 

The blizzard will begin on Friday.
1am Friday map. Blue is snow, darker blue corresponds to heavier snow.

7am Friday forecast.

4pm Friday forecast.

Winds will accelerate over the Midwest throughout Friday. Below is a map of peak wind gusts. A "blizzard" occurs with gusts above 35 mph.

Extreme Cold Wave
While the cold wave will begin Friday across the area, it will be reinforced with additional cold air the first of the week. Here is a wind chill map for 6am Tuesday.


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