Blizzard: Midwest and Great Lakes

Another powerful storm is moving from the Northwest will ramp up an exceptionally strong low pressure system Friday that will create blizzard conditions from about the Missouri River to the Great Lakes. And, in conditions highly unusual for January, more tornadoes are likely from Thursday afternoon through Friday night. I'll have a separate post on the tornado threat. 

The map below is forecast weather conditions at 6am Friday. 

  • Color code: Yellow/red = thunderstorms 
  • Green = rain with darker green indicating heavier rain
  • Blue = snow, with darker blues indicating heavier snow
  • Purple = mixed precipitation 
This map is for 6pm Friday. Winds will be gusting above 40 mph from Iowa across Upper Michigan and into southern Ontario

Below is the forecast gusts with this storm.

Below is a map of predicted snowfall.

Behind the blizzard will be extreme cold flowing into the Great Plains and Midwest. Details here


  1. Thanks for all the hard work figuring all this out and warning us. You definitely earn our respect and thanks. Jeff Porter


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