The Odd Lack of NWS Freezing Rain Watches/Warnings

10:20pm Note: This forecast is still valid. 

Below, you will find my forecast of the location of freezing rain beginning about this time tomorrow and continuing into Monday morning. But, oddly, the National Weather Service (NWS) doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency about telling people. 

My forecast from 12:45pm (scroll down) is unchanged. 

As of 4:15pm, a NWS winter storm watch is out for parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas (see below) but that's it. 

My first thought was they have a different opinion of the evolving weather than I. So, I started looking at the NWS forecaster discussions at Oklahoma City (late and unavailable) and Springfield, MO. 
The latter says:
A "60 to 90% chance of hazardous road conditions" and they don't feel a winter storm watch or advisory is warranted? Especially since it is the weekend, people need time to make alternative plans. Worse, an index of likelihood of ice-related power outages in the reason is non-zero in that part of the Ozarks. These are very good reasons the risk of icing should be highlighted. 

Thursday, I wrote about my correspondence with the National Weather Service pertaining to the serious issues with their tornado warning program. But, it is not only tornadoes. Increasingly, it seems as if there is significant reluctance these days to issue warnings and notifications of all types. The good news is the people in the NWS with whom I am corresponding seem open-minded and want to provide quality information. 


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