Tornado and Damaging Wind Outlook for Monday and Monday Night; Updated 12:10am

A high risk of tornadoes and damaging winds later today and tonight. 

Color code
  • Red, hatched = high risk of strong tornadoes.
  • Yellow, hatched = enhanced risk of strong tornadoes
  • Brown = significant risk of tornadoes.

This damaging forecast is valid from 6am Monday to 6am Tuesday.
The worst of the winds will be from late Monday afternoon through Monday night. The red, hatched area has a high risk of wind gusts of 75+mph. 

Safety Suggestions 
It will be extremely important to have a system that can awaken you Monday night if a tornado warning is issued. 
  • Make sure WEA storm warnings are activated on your smartphone. Keep your smartphone by your bed. 
  • Have a programed NOAA Weather Radio in your bedroom.
  • Download one of the apps that tracks your location and sounds an alarm if a tornado warning is issued. 
Also, there is a chance of tornadoes and damaging winds from Florida to eastern North Carolina on Tuesday. I'll have more on that later today. 


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