At Least Eleven Days of Heavy Rains

8:30pm PST:  I've taken a quick look at the latest model information and it does nothing to assuage my concerns. This has the possibility of storms of the intensity of those during the winter of 1982-83. Preparations are needed in the Southland. I'll have more tomorrow. 

I continue to be quite concerned about the likelihood of flooding in California. 

The map below depicts rainfall the next seven days. Note there are multiple areas where ten inches or more (yellow) are forecast to fall. For Southern California, this may be the most serious rainstorm (with possible thunderstorms and/or flash flooding) in a number of years.  

The first of several weather systems is now affecting the northern two-thirds of the state currently. The radar is below. This evening and tonight, some flash flooding may occur in and near the coastal mountains from the Oregon Border to Vandenberg AFB.

Radar at 2:10pm PST

The most powerful of the storms will strike over the weekend, making it into the Southland on Sunday and lasting into Tuesday. Serious flash flooding, including the washouts of roads, is likely to occur. This is a storm where advance preparations are necessary.

The wet weather pattern should last at least eleven days and may last as long as two weeks.

I will keep updating on this important weather situation. 


  1. For road travelers this is NOT good.

  2. stop the cloud seeding and screwing with natural waether patterns.

    1. It appears (note that qualifier) that any cloud seeing current in progress in California is in the Sierra. I believe they will NOT seed the approaching storm as it would be illogical to do so.
      That said, the Sierra on located on the downwind side of the approaching storm. Seeing would have no effect at on SFO, Sacramento or Los Angeles. When seeing works (and there are only a narrow set of conditions conducive to seeding), it will increase precipitation 5 to 15% above what would have fallen anyway. So, if "none" was going to fall, seeding would have no effect.

    2. You misspelled "Geoengineering", all day, every day, everywhere. They will burst the damns and aquafers all to slow food production, just like the 100's of food plants that have been destroyed in the last few years.

    3. If you're going to criticize someone else's spelling of a complicated word, tend to your own spelling of simple words.

  3. In my younger days, it was stated , “we are going to get a good rain this week” nowadays they say, “there are river in the sky and we are all going to wash away”. Maybe if government would keep their storm drain systems in proper working order they wouldn’t have to blame the public for climate change? Just saying!


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