Weekend Weather Lowlights

Colorado All Weekend
Given the unusually strong jet stream and minor impulses of low pressure flowing along it, the Colorado Rockies will be choked with snow this weekend. Some areas will have period of very strong winds. It has been advised not to travel on I-70 because officials are not confident snow removal crews can keep up. 

Dolphins Arriving in Kansas City this afternoon
Harold Kuntz
Kansas City, MO Saturday Evening
  • At kickoff, the temperature should be about -3°F at the Truman Sports Complex where Arrowhead Stadium is located. By 10pm, the temperature should have dropped to -5°F.
  • The wind chill at 10 o'clock should be -27°F.
From what I can determine, this will be the second coldest NFL playoff game in history. It will be the coldest game of any kind that Dolphins have played. The Dolphins are 3-0 against the Chiefs in Kansas City, hopefully, they will be frozen out by tomorrow evening's weather. 

Orchard Park, NY Sunday
Many are wondering whether snow will be a factor in the Sunday playoff game in Buffalo. This is the forecast from my friends at AccuWeather:

It will be extremely cold with 1-2 feet of snow.

Central and Southern Great Plains Sunday through Monday
Things will spool up again Sunday and Monday. In eastern Colorado and Kansas, snow will reappear on in the region. I have not attempted a freezing rain forecast as my confidence as to amount and location is very low at this point.  


  1. Do we have any ideas what might be modeled for coming down the pike the next weekend? I know you don't like to do long range too much, but trying to get an idea before a major trip from SC KS to Colorado Springs that week.

    1. Unfortunately, I do not. This is a really difficult pattern to forecast.


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