HAPPY KANSAS DAY: How a Kansan Handled Anti-Semitism

Today is Kansas Day, the anniversary of Kansas being admitted to the Union as a free state. I thought, given events in the world, this story of a Kansan and anti-semitism was appropriate. 
At the U.S. Capitol, each state has two statues representing their citizens. 
Kansas' statues are Eisenhower and Amelia Earhart. 
General Dwight Eisenhower, who grew up in Abilene, Kansas, was utterly shocked by the death camps Hitler created during World War II. As commander-in-chief of the allied forces, he gave these orders after touring Buchenwald:

...Eisenhower was shocked after seeing one in person and realizing what that system actually was. He recognized that this was what his men were fighting against, that liberation was more than just freeing territory – it was about the very survival of civilization itself against a barbarism few had thought existed in the heart of modern Europe.

Eisenhower issued a series of orders. The camps were to be documented, photographed, and filmed. Survivors were to be cared for and interviewed. He also instructed all forces under his command to visit liberated camps as they moved to the front and ordered German civilians from nearby communities to help bury the dead, care for the living, and see what had been done in their name.

The news stories about young Americans (as many as half by some accounts) doubting the Holocaust are extremely disturbing. Perhaps it is because I live in Kansas. One of my closest friends is both Jewish and a Kansan after having grown up in the East. She has told me there is less anti-semitism in Kansas than in the East. While that makes me proud of my state, we cannot let our guard down. 

The United States is in a battle between good and evil. There are many Americans who want to curtail our freedoms and our prosperity. Part of that is rewriting history. 


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