Monday and Monday Night's Tornado Risk - Updated 10pm

Even though it is January -- a month not generally associated with tornadoes -- there is a a significant chance of strong tornadoes in the South Monday afternoon and night. 

Please make sure friends and family are aware as some of these tornadoes could occur after dark -- when they are especially dangerous. 

  • The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes.
  • The yellow area has an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes.
  • The red area has a high risk of strong tornadoes. 
There is good reason to believe there will be an especially high chance of nighttime tornadoes between 11pm and 5am from southeast Mississippi, southern Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle. 

Please consider the following safety preparations
  • Get an app that uses GPS to provide you with tornado warnings for your specific location at a given time. 
  • Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio with fresh batteries. Have them program it for you at the store so it is not going off in the middle of the night for storms that are not pertinent to you.
  • Make sure your have thought through what you will do for any infirm family members. 
  • Put a flashlight with fresh batteries, a couple of bottles of water, and -- if appropriate -- diapers in your tornado shelter area.
I will provide additional coverage of the tornado threat tomorrow. 


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