Friday, June 12, 2020

Conservatives: A Call For Courage

Conservatives cannot continue to hide as our nation and its
ideals continue to be under attack. 
A perusal of headlines the last two weeks include some of the most terrifying in the history of our nation:
  • Armed radicals taking over portions of major cities. Some politicians – who swore to “protect and defend the Constitution” - tacitly cheering on the radicals. There are credible reports of rapes and beatings in those areas. Democratic politicians are telling us to "burn it to the ground."
  • Clearly illegal and unconstitutional orders from politicians and public health officials pertaining to coronavirus. 
  • Police that, too often, believe they are above the law. They don’t seem to have internalized their mission is, “to serve and protect." The FBI is even worse: not only is the Bureau corrupt, they've done nothing to fight the lawlessness in Seattle, Portland, and the District of Columbia.  
  • The direct attack on the ability of the church to celebrate the Holy Eucharist – a central tenant of the Catholic faith and important to most Christians – in one of the most bold and egregious official attacks on religion in the U.S. in 100 hundred years. 
  • The co-opting of major universities’ research and other enterprises by the Chinese. 
  • Erasing our shared history through the destruction of statues and other items of historical significance.
What you do not see on this list? Racism. 

Is there racism in the United States? Of course. It is terrible. White racists have done tremendous damage to our fellow countrymen as individuals and to our nation as a whole. But, it is worth pointing out there is a small portion of the population that is, and will always be, terrible people: anti-Muslim, anti-Semite, black racists, anti-Christian and other bigots. I do not cite this fact as a rationalization for white racists. I point it out because human beings are a fallen species and will never be perfected in this life. Attempts at doing so have led to the wholesale slaughter of entire societies: Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot and the list goes on. 

The presumptive Democratic nominee for President has, shall we say, a "questionable" record on race issues. If Democrats truly believe race is the #1 issue in our nation, Joe Biden is about the last person they should nominate. 
Yes, Joe Biden has a long history of pussyfooting with
segregationists. If racism is truly central to our issues, his history
should have disqualified him. NBC News. 
I lived though the tragic 1968 assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy and the riots that followed. I did not fear for our nation at that time because 99.99% of American believed in American ideals and wanted to create a “more perfect union.” There was a determination among white Americans to do better. 

For the next three decades, uneven progress was made. Well-intended whites, in order to help the process along, attempted to put pressure on the racists still among us. But then the cancer known as “political correctness” came on the scene. What would start out as a well-intended conversation about racial issues could land you in your company’s HR department. The political correctness metastasized to topics beyond race -- such as gay marriage and politics in general – so that the only safe topic was sports. Then Colin Kaperneck took a knee. 

It was almost as if a wealthy and well-funded industry of jet-setting race exploiters was determined to drive us apart because their gravy train depends on issues relating to race continuing to divide. 
Photos taken Wednesday. Sharpton appeared to be the only passenger.
It costs about $10,000/flight-hour for this type of jet. Who pays for this?
So, things continue to deteriorate – almost by the day. Prominent people are terrified for the future of our nation.
David speaking out is the exception. The vast majority of conservatives– who simultaneously abhor racism, unnecessary police violence, and thuggery by government officials – are too intimidated to speak out against the violence of the left and unconstitutional behavior of government officials regardless of the meritorious nature of their beliefs. 

Republicans and conservatives were intimidated, for example, by virtue signaling of elite scientists – who didn't even lose $1 in pay due to COVID-19 – taking yet another day off (with pay) and calling it a ‘strike’ against racism – that will do absolutely nothing to alleviate racism. The 'strike' was mere moral preening. 

Conservatives are intimidated by their employers' posturing and insipid statements (is anyone in favor of racism?!) signaling their company's supposed racial virtue. 
This sentence, verbatim, has appeared in multiple corporate statements. 
We are also too intimidated to speak out against this "some are more equal than others" nonsense. 
HBO announced Wednesday is was removing Gone With the Wind from its platforms.

There are many other examples.  

And, then, there is the awful, corrupt news media. I did some research: At the University of Missouri, the second largest university journalism program in the United States, there is no requirement to take statistics or science, which, in part, 
Published today. Look closely. The (London) Mirror puts this drivel in the "Science" section of the newspaper. It seems as if 99% of journalists can't tell the difference between astronomy and astrology. 

accounts for the awful quality of coverage of those topics. But, there are three courses in “social justice.” Somehow, I doubt the instructors of those courses are registered Republicans. The irony? The mob doesn't care about your actual beliefs. They are working -- hard -- to punish anyone that doesn't go along with their bullying. 

Don’t think that any of this is a coincidence. Where do you think the money for huge private jets, focus groups, and busing in activists comes from? It is a lot easier to win elections, coordinate news coverage, and hold cities hostage with a steady stream of big dollars from George Soros and various liberal foundations. 

Throughout my life, I have heard the lack of tangible conservative political activism rationalized by the phrase, “conservatives have jobs.” Perhaps.

Now, with 20% unemployment, there are plenty of currently unemployed conservatives. Where are they? 

A generation ago, brave Americans dodged bullets on the beaches of Normandy. We can’t take on a HR department?

-- “If we lose freedom in America, there is no place else to escape” --

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Magnificent words stating magnificent ideals. Has America, at times, failed to live up to them? Absolutely. But, that is no reason to stop striving for their attainment. 

Conservatives know liberty, free enterprise, and the rule of law are the keystones of obtaining those ideals for all Americans. Yet, rather than full-throated, confident, efforts to explain and persuade, we lamely point to Republican votes for the Civil Rights Act 56 years ago. Fact: Senator Everett Dirksen, for all of his accomplishments, is no longer pertinent to today’s conversation. 

President Reagan is disparaged by the left – even this week – because his words are exactly right. Please spend just 46 seconds to hear the most powerful words you will hear throughout this crisis. 

We are in danger of just that: losing freedom here. Just yesterday, a major public university made moves against a prominent conservative professor. Twitter and Facebook censor conservative voices. YouTube censors conservative videos. Amazon refuses to carry a prominent conservative’s monograph. All of this since Monday. 

Maybe it is time for us conservatives to stop worrying about the HR department and time to start worrying about whether we will have freedom to pass to our grandchildren. 

·        [BuzzFeed:] "There are hints that our political leaders understand the gravity of the crisis, but they may be simply incapable of rising to the moment." 

A Ronald Reagan comes along once every century, if we are lucky. He isn’t going to come to our rescue. Neither are Mitch McConnell (who contacted me last week asking for money) or the other spineless Republicans who wait for lobbyists to weigh in rather than acting on their principle. 

If we want to fix our nation instead of surrendering to the forces of darkness, we must do so ourselves. Now. 

Write letters, organize a demonstration, go to your congress-person's local office, write an op-ed or letter to the editor, cancel HBO (for canceling Gone With the Wind), run for office this fall, or read about the Constitution or Declaration of Independence at an inner-city school. Speak up. Pray! But, stop hiding! 

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