Good News!

Fox News
Remember the Lake of the Ozarks Memorial Weekend party that made national news because the nannies scolded us that it was going to cause a "cluster" of COVID?

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment put out this little gem.

Now, 12 days later, we learn:
One would think this would be good news. It would seem to indicate that the scientists saying the risk of COVID outdoors, in hot summer weather, is nearly zero are correct. Yet, this good news follow-up does not seem to be getting nearly the attention of the initial story. Of course, it would be too much to expect for the bureaucrats in Topeka to acknowledge they were wrong.

I'll say it again: the idea that people should stay indoors or use masks in the unconstrained outdoors is preposterous. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air!

Maybe visit the Flint Hills?

UPDATE: 10PM Friday, June 12. There is more -- strong -- evidence the chances of getting COVID-19 outdoors is essentially zero.


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