What Is Wrong With Apple?!

This is my second posting on this topic in the past month.
The revolutionary Apple Lisa
I purchased a (grossly overpriced) new MacBook Pro ten days ago. It was all that was available after my (non-repairable) 2014 MacBook crapped out on May 28. As I am in the middle of writing my third book and am involved in another major project, I pretty much had to take what they had in stock rather than what I actually wanted to purchase.

That is not my complaint. I understand how the COVID mess has disrupted Apple's supply chain.

What I strongly object to is Apple pushing things on me that I do not want. I was a fan of Apple since the Lisa (1983). However, for a few years, it seemed to have lost its way so I switched to a PC. So, that is what I used for a decade.

I got tired of the "Blue Screen of Death" and the crapware that seemed to plague PC's of that era. So, starting with the iMac, I purchased one for the kids and migrated back to Apple as my professional computer.

More or less corresponding to Tim Cook's tenure as CEO of Apple, the Macs have become embedded with Apple's view of the world. Example? There are many. Here's the most annoying, so far: Macs now come with a "News" App. Don't want it. Haven't been able to figure out how to delete it. So, under those circumstances, I have tried to make as inoffensive as possible. That is hard to do.
The News app will feed you stories about the election (from liberal content providers, only, of course) and about COVID-19 whether you want them or not and you cannot delete those topics.  Sorry: I don't care about politics and I certainly do not want it forced on me by a company to which I pay a premium. 

Knock it off, Apple! Go back to making a great, politics-free, product.


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