Public Health: Undoing 120 Years of Trust in Five Months

[Updated, 6/29, 12:20pm]

Good grief, what is next?! Why does anyone have faith in our government?!

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First it was wearing masks in the wide-open outdoors. I have written about that nonsense here, here, and here, among other places.

Then, it was Dr. Fauci and others deliberately lying to us about the use of masks indoors. I don't care whether it was intended as a "noble" lie or not. It was a lie and he, and the others, knew it at the time. People may have died as a result.

Now, we learn this:
Headline From "WattsUpWithThat"
So, physicians are going to limit the use of general anesthetic," not because it is in the best interest of the patient but because those gases 'contribute to global warming.'

Except they don't. The quantities used for medical care are so minuscule that they don't matter for climatological considerations. Regardless, patient care should be the sole consideration in these matters.

It is as if, on February 1, 2020, the public health intelligentsia said, "Let's see how fast we can tear down our reputation." They succeeded. In record time.


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