95th Anniversary: Wichita Monrovians Defeat the KKK

[This story was delayed by yesterday's severe storm coverage]
Yesterday was the 95th anniversary of one of the greatest events in baseball history: The Negro League's Wichita Monrovians defeated the Klu Klux Klan 10-8. The Klan was being defeated in Kansas, so they agreed to the game to prove their superiority over black athletes and as a publicity stunt to bolster their rapidly dwindling membership.
The game was peaceful. The umpires ruled the KKK had to use baseball bats; striking the ball with a "cross" was forbidden. The story is simply amazing. And, there is more here.

While no city is perfect, Wichita was an early pioneer in civil rights. You don't hear much about the early Dockum Sit-In because it was peaceful and, more importantly, successful. Blacks won the right to eat at lunch counters in our city.

If you are looking for an alternative to the craziness, come and check out America's next great city.

P.S. And, this week, tip your cap for the Negro Leagues.


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