Friday, June 5, 2020

"Because We Say So"

McClatchy newspapers are sending out a daily newspaper newsletter about COVID-19. This afternoon's says,
Note that no physicians, public health experts or agencies are quoted as saying it is "important" to wear masks outdoors in hot weather.

So, I clicked on the link, which takes us to a Miami Herald story. The same nonsense.
I am open-minded and I would never intentionally misinform my family, friends and readers. But, not one of these stories has quoted a rigorous study involving masks and viruses in the open outdoors. 

In fact, as the posting immediately below indicates, the party with tightly-packed people outdoors at the Lake of the Ozarks, produced no new cases.

As I have written (two stories down), I believe this is a deliberate attempt by the MSM to "trick" people into wearing masks because their politics think the "gesture" is important.

No thanks. I prefer my medical advice politics free.

UPDATE: This came out this evening. At least these politics-driven "studies" have been retracted. But, think of the people who could have been helped if the studies had not been been driven by politics?

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