The Centers For 'Disease' Control: Destroying Its Reputation One Day at a Time

Wednesday, the CDC was telling us about tornado warnings while using a fake picture of a tornado.

Now this. It is not satire. Published yesterday:
Our hard-earned tax dollars were just wasted to determine that heat deaths are more common where its hot than in, say, North Dakota. The next sentence is a real gem.
Yeah, I needed tax dollars to be spent to tell me heat-related deaths don't occur in Montana in winter.

What could be behind this nonsense? After all, I would think the CDC would be kind of busy with other things right now.  We find the likely answer toward the end.
It is likely this study is intended as some sort of marker upon which to build global warming hype.


The CDC is obviously overstaffed and overfunded. It needs to be dismantled. In its place should be a small group of highly dedicated professionals who want to, you know, actually control disease.


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