More Evidence: COVID-19 Threat Nearly Zero Outdoors

The MSM continues to publish science-free stories urging us to wear masks outdoors.

As usual, the CDC did not provide any scientific evidence behind its 'encouragement.' 

The above article is here. A similar science-free "use masks outdoors" article is here. Note: I'm not looking for peer-reviewed study specifically for novel coronavirus. I'm looking for any study that shows masks are necessary to prevent the study to prevent the outdoor transmission of viruses. As far as I can tell, they don't exist.

Meanwhile, the circumstantial evidence that it is extremely difficult to contract COVID-19 outdoors is looking very strong.

1. New, from Seattle, analysis here. After repeated outdoor protests with thousands crowded together, the number of cases went down. 

2. Repeating my earlier commentary pertaining to the Memorial Day Lake of the Ozarks party and the complete lack of cases that resulted. [Update: 12:30pm, 6/15. There was one person who attended the party who contracted the disease before going to the Lake of the Ozarks. There is now another person who attended the party who now has COVID. However, that does not prove he contracted the disease at the pool party. Even if he did, one is a very small number compared to the predictions of doom.]

3. The board-certified immunologist I consulted, and quoted on this blog, says the risk is very small. 

Restating, for the record, masks outdoors -- with the possible exception of in a crowded stadium -- are a political symbol and not a medical necessity. Until public health officials provide some scientific evidence ("because we say so" ≠ scientific evidence), I believe they are punking us.

I was sorry to see West Point falling for it this morning during their graduation. Not only are they outdoors, there is a breeze blowing (see the flag at upper right). Officialdom, evidently, has regressed to the "miasma" theory of disease -- discredited more than 120 years ago. These outstanding men and women deserve better.
CBS News
So, stop feeling guilty about masks and enjoy your weekend in the fresh air!


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