Wanna Get Away?

If you wish to get away to a beautiful, remote area (in the best sense of the term), may I suggest a weekend trip to the Kansas Flint Hills?
The Flint Hills is the bright green area on this satellite image from northern Oklahoma north to near the Nebraska border in the eastern half of the state.

My favorite restaurants in the area are:
More on restaurants and attractions, here

A friend of mine, who grew up in NYC, described the Hills (and, she meant it as a compliment!) as, "I've never seen so much nothing." But, if you should get tired of the gorgeous grasslands, wild horses and cattle and want to see an art gallery and demonstrations of life in the hills, go to Pioneer Bluffs Ranch. [By the way, click on the Ranch link because the moving image is so much fun.]

One problem with writing about the Hills is that, because they are so vast, they do not lend themselves to traditional photography. 
Take it from me: getting away may be just what your body and soul may need right now. I promise, you'll get a friendly reception in Kansas. 


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