Great Plains Wheat Harvest Weather Update

Here is the rainfall (radar + rain gauge estimate) through 11am CDT.
For all intents and purposes this has stopped the harvest in Kansas and Oklahoma. Just got a report from Cowley Co. (southeast of Wichita) of yields up to an amazing 76 bushels/acre which is a bin-buster crop. That is part of the reason I am so sorry to set it stopped at this time.

Rain continues to fall (radar as of 12:17pm).

The rainfall forecast from two reliable models through sunrise Monday show more moderate to heavy rain over this area. I would expect the rains, in their entirety, to stall the harvest north of the Red River until at least Thursday of next week.

Even worse, the forecast from 7am Sunday to 7am Monday shows scattered hailstorms in the yellow tinted area. Hail, of course, would destroy the ripe wheat.
The good news: this rain is great for corn, soybeans and second crop grain sorghum. Those crops, because are somewhat less vulnerable to hail at this point as compared to wheat. 


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