Congress Doesn't Want Us to Nuke Hurricanes

It is good to know that Congress, in a year of riots and COVID-19, is handling the nation's highest priorities. 
Yes, there really was such a bill. It was introduced by Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-TX, on Monday. Here are the details.
Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, on Monday unveiled legislation that would forbid President Trump from dropping nuclear bombs into hurricanes to disrupt their paths and stop them from hitting the U.S., a recommendation the president reportedly made to advisers last year.

Introduced on the first day of the 2020 hurricane season, Garcia's Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act would require the administration to produce and submit to Congress a comprehensive government-led strategy and five annual reports that outline how to properly confront increasing hurricane activity. Further, the legislation would also prohibit the president from unleashing any strategic weapon to alter weather patterns or respond to climate change. 

Note the word, "reportedly." There is no genuine evidence President Trump actually proposed such a thing.

Second, there is no "increasing hurricane activity." As this peer-reviewed graph (updated two weeks ago) demonstrates, hurricanes are not increasing.
Note: there is no increase in either "all hurricanes" or "major hurricanes.

Other than that, Congress is, as usual, right on the ball.


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