Major Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Day for the Central Great Plains

Biggest Severe Thunderstorm Day So Far in
2020 Forecast to Occur Today 
There's so much going on today, let's break it down in detail so you can factor it into your Father's Day plans.
Noon Update For Damaging Winds

45% is a high risk of damaging winds -- in this case, forecast to exceed 75 mph. I would urge people in the purple-shaded areas to be prepared for power failures, bring cars indoors, and bring lawn furniture indoors. I would also have my devices plugged in now to get a full charge but remember to unplug them before the storms arrive. There is also a very good chance of giant hail in about the same area.

-- Original Forecast (still valid) Below--

Tornado Risk
There are two areas of concern. 
The brown areas have a significant risk. This includes Wichita and Omaha. The more likely time would be in the 5pm to 9pm time period. 

High Winds and Power Failures
Yellow is the significant threshold for wind gusts of 60 mph or higher. Red is an enhanced risk. In the hatched area, wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger are forecast to occur which means power failures are possible. 

Large Hail
Yellow is the significant threshold for hail 1" in diameter or larger. Red is an enhanced risk. The hatching is where hail 2" or larger are forecast to fall. 

  • Make sure you have at least two ways to get warnings (a weather radio and a smartphone app).
  • Charge all of your devices but take them off the charger when you hear thunder or skies darken. 
  • Have your storm shelter ready for use. 
  • Secure any heirlooms before the storms arrive. 
  • Put lawn furniture and items that can be blown about indoors.
I will update later today. 


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