I'm Very Sorry This Has Turned Out to Be Correct

You may have have remembered this piece from Thursday, May 28. It was three days before George Floyd's killing.

Now, the fear that politics has completely contaminated our medical establishment has been confirmed in a terrifying manner. The image below is from a story from today's Politico.
Essentially, most of the information given to us back when public health officials pretended to care about our COVID-19 welfare, was contaminated by politics. 

Wonder how bad it is? There are literally dozens of examples, including our mayor in Wichita outdoors earlier this evening. But, I am choosing this: Here is a photo taken outside of FEMA HQ today boasting about a new executive. There is zero reason for her to be wearing a mask standing outdoors by herself.

How do I know? I have consulted several medical professionals, including a board-certified immunologist. But, here is an important additional data point: Remember the national scandal over the pool party at the Lake of the Ozarks twelve days ago. Remember how, since it was confirmed at least one attendee had COVID, there was going to be an outbreak of COVID. Editorials were written! Doctors scolded.
Here is the result from earlier today. No new cases!
If people crammed together like this didn't get COVID, the change of getting it while posing outside of a federal building is zero. She is doing nothing but playing politics. 

This is dangerous. Really dangerous. If we cannot trust to get straight information from public health officials and physicians, who can we trust?!


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