Sunday, May 20, 2012

Three New Reviews of "Warnings"

With so much excitement pertaining to When the Sirens Were Silent, I don't want to forget about Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather. It has received three new 5-star reviews at Amazon and all are stellar:

From a retired NYC police officer:
I just finished reading Warning on my Kindle, as a retired New York City police officer we normally don't get tornado's, now that I live in Florida and travel across the country to help others it really has opened my mind to the power of nature and most important people like you in helping to save lives.

From a man in Wichita:
This book is an amazing read and my copy has already been lent around many times. 

From an author of another book about weather in Pennsylvania:
I'm an admitted severe weather geek, and so I read rabidly in this genre. Quality tends to be all over the place, but so far I've only read one book I couldn't finish because it was so poorly written (and it's hard to write so badly that it overshadows the cool factor of this subject). Still, it's something I'm always aware of, and so I had put Warnings on my holiday gift list instead of just going out and buying it.

WHAT A MISTAKE! I got this book as an Easter gift and immediately began devouring it. I was instantly sorry I hadn't bought it sooner.

I'm a very busy person with little time to read, but I MADE time as I got into Warnings, and buzzed through it in four days of brief reading periods. Not only is this book about a really cool subject -- our modern-day severe storm warning system and how it almost didn't happen -- but it's written very engagingly with nary a slow spot in the entire book. As an author myself, I know how truly difficult it is to keep up such a pace without losing steam, but Mike Smith does a bang-up job all the way through.

So, as you think about graduation or Father's Day gifts, we hope you'll consider either or both books. 

Just learned that When the Sirens Were Silent is the #1 best selling book at Watermark Books!

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