Major Severe Weather Possible Central and Southern Plains

I've spent most of the last hour reviewing the data. Here is the Storm Prediction Center's tornado outlook today. I agree there is a significantly elevated risk of tornadoes from Greensburg to OKC with the entire brown (5%) area at risk. 

The highest tornado risk will be in the general vicinity of the boundary of last night's rain-cooled air with the very unstable air to the south. Here is the current location of the boundary.

An hour or two after the tornadoes, the thunderstorms should morph into a complex with widespread large hail and damaging winds. 

Damaging Wind Outlook

The hatched area is where winds of 75mph or more may occur. Obviously, widespread power failures, tree damage, etc. will occur in areas that receive winds of that intensity. This threat includes Wichita, Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls and Dallas-Ft. Worth. The probabilities refer to winds of 60 mph or more.

Large Hail Outlook

The probabilities refer to 1" or larger and the hatched areas expected to experience 2" or larger hailstones. Put your car in the garage.

The severe weather threat migrates south and east tomorrow.



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