Saturday, May 26, 2012

Severe Weather Outlook for Rest of Memorial Day Weekend

As I feared, yesterday was a prolific tornado outbreak in middle Kansas.  For the number of tornadoes, the amount of damage and injuries was relatively small. My friend Jim Reed took this photo of the tornado that struck LaCrosse as it was approaching town.
Via Wichita Eagle
There is an unconfirmed report of damage and injuries in southern Russell Co.

UPDATE: 2:22PM. Scott Roberts has a great chase report here.

RESUME ORIGINAL POST: So, looking to the rest of the holiday weekend, what can we expect?

Today and Tonight

There is an elevated ("slight") risk of severe thunderstorms in the yellow areas:

The chance of tornadoes is highest in the northern half of the area. Please keep a close eye out in the 5% area.


This looks like a big day.
The hatched area may have tornadoes, perhaps major, and very large hail.  It is important to monitor the weather in those regions tomorrow.


I'm reasonably confident that severe thunderstorms with tornadoes will occur from Missouri to the Great Lakes. The southern area is a bit more uncertain as to placement and severity.

Finally, here is the forecast rainfall over the next five days. In the southeast, Beryl will cause heavy rains and moderate to strong winds. AccuWeather has details.

Looks like I'll be storm chasing tomorrow and, if so, I'll live Tweet the chase.

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