Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Three Days of Active Weather

Two active weather days are on tap in the central U.S., with the threat migrating south and east on Thursday.

Today, it's double trouble:

The 5% threshold is significant for tornadoes and there are two areas, one in New England and a second in the central Plains. 

Hail 1" in diameter is possible in both areas with the hatched areas having the potential for ≥ 2"hail.

Finally, the geographic extent of thunderstorm-generated damaging winds of 60 mph or higher is widespread.

Tomorrow, we have an infrequent "moderate" risk of severe thunderstorms that affects Wichita, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas-Ft. Worth. Tornadoes, very large hail and very damaging thunderstorm -generated winds are all possible. It will be important to keep up on the weather if you live in these areas.

The preliminary forecast for Thursday is for the storm threat to move into the Southeast.

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