Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick New England Update

TORNADO-producing thunderstorm at arrow tip. Tornado warnings out for four Vermont counties.
Keep a close eye on the two circled thunderstorms as eventual tornado candidates. 

UPDATE at 2:25pm EDT:
Tornado warnings are out on the two cells indicated by yellow arrows. The cell I've circled in gray is suspicious and should be watched carefully for possible tornado development. 

I'm noticing that there is relatively little internet traffic about these storms. If you know someone in these areas, please make sure they are paying attention. 

There are serious air travel issues as BOS, NYC and PHL's normal routes to CLE, ORD, MDW and DTW are blocked by the storms. My Airline Crisis Survival Guide is here

original post:

Red = tornado warning. Amber = severe thunderstorm warning (large hail and/or damaging winds). Yellow is a tornado watch and maroon is a severe thunderstorm watch.

Warning = immediate precautions needed.

Watch = watch the weather and monitor weather information in case threatening weather develops.

Twitter's  @breakingweather  is AccuWeather's stream of up-to-the-minute info.

There are flight delays all over the region, please check before heading to the airport. 

I'm going to let my Pennsylvania colleagues take over this storm.  I'll be blogging about the central U.S. threat as it develops later today.

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