Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"I'll Believe Global Warming is a Crisis When the People Telling Me it is a Crisis Start Acting Like it is a Crisis"

Will.I.Am attends climate change conference, calls on people to cut consumption, and arrives by helicopter.

While on the topic, one of the idiosyncrasies of global warming protests is the seeming ubiquitousness of bottled water. I've written about this before. At yesterday's pro-global warming protest in Chicago, bottled water made several appearances. Here is just one example:
I guess I should be used to it by now: Whether it is Al Gore, Laurie David, or Richard Pachauri (head of the IPCC) running around on private jets; Thomas Friedman's (author of Hot, Flat and Crowded, a pro-global warming book) giant mansion, or using plastic water bottles: it is always the rest of us who are supposed to cut our consumption!

* The title of this post comes from the invaluable Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit. 

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  1. This is an area where Dr. Peter Gleick has led the pro-global warming charge in the "right" direction, so to speak.

    I disagree (and have disagreed) with his conclusion on pretty much all other matters concerning global warming, but I think he's right on in his charge against the use of bottled water, in so much as it is a huge waste of resources.


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