Serious Problems at the National Weather Service

I have written a short book about the difficulties pertaining to the Joplin tornado warning.

Now, we get news that there are financial improprieties at the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service is an essential agency for our nation and generally provides great value. I'm hoping the NWS works out these issues in short order.


  1. From the MSNBC article: "The investigative report recommends that weather offices be fully funded, that supervisory structure of NWS be restructured to provide additional oversight, and that the budget process be reformed to allow staff to raise substantive concerns about prioritization and long-term planning."

    Particularly the first and last items. I've heard concerns expressed informally, but with some regularity, about prioritization and long-term planning.

    As your first book illustrated quite well, the agency unfortunately has a history of prioritization problems. Too often, it seems from this outsider's viewpoint, local offices are hamstrung from above.

  2. Scott, agree with you. I think there needs to be less emphasis on the activities of the national and regional HQ's and more on the local offices.

    Above all, the meteorological infrastructure must be fully funded. Otherwise, no one can do anything.


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