Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two-Fer Tornado Chase

We bagged two of them this evening, both near Jetmore.  Because there are so many low hanging clouds, I've put an arrow on the tornado. We could clearly see the rotation.

The second was about 5 miles south of Jetmore. I placed an arrow at the bottom of the funnel. Even though the funnel didn't get all the way to the ground, it is still a tornado due to the rapidly rotating debris cloud on the ground.

Certainly hope you enjoyed the Tweeting of the tornado chase!

P.S. We are in Dodge City having pizza and salad. Will go across the street to Dairy Queen and indulge in a 40-year storm chase tradition. DQ after bagging a tornado! Took the photo below from the Pizza Hut parking lot.

Addition, 7:47pm Thursday.
By request, here is another image of the second tornado. It occurred at 7:35pm.

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