Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Updates

The ebook company failed -- again -- in its self-imposed deadline to get the files to me. So, since I'm leaving for Joplin in a few hours, that means another delay of at least two days.

I'm really sorry about this as I know quite a few want to read it in ebook format.

On the subject of Joplin, I'll be making appearances on KOAM TV (CBS) and KNSF (NBC) today, prior to the event at the Library this evening.


  1. Hey Mike I just finished reading Warning on my Kindle, as a retired New York City police officer we normally don’t get tornados, now that I live in Florida and travel across the country to help others it really has opened my mind to the power of nature and most important people like you in helping to save lives,
    Excellent Book!
    Bill Suarez

  2. Bill, so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for writing.


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