Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Forecast for Tuesday

It looks like tomorrow will be a major tornado and severe thunderstorm day in the Midwest. I recommend people start planning accordingly. There is a high risk of damaging storms.

Tuesday's Tornado Risk
There is an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes in the yellow, hatched area. There is a significant risk of tornadoes in the brown area. 

Tuesday's Damaging Wind Risk
Here is the color code for this forecast:
  • Purple: a high risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger.
  • Red, hatched: there is an enhanced risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger. 
  • Red (only): an enhanced risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger. 
  • Yellow: a significant risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger. 
There is also the risk of large hail in the above areas. A derecho may occur. Please factor this forecast into your plans Tuesday and Tuesday night. 

Yesterday's forecast, unfortunately, worked out pretty well. It is almost certain there were more tornadoes in Kansas than shown here. Those will be added when the damage surveys are complete. 


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