Derecho Causes Severe Damage in Texas and Louisiana -- More Storms on the Way

It will be more than a week before power is completely restored to these areas. 

The map immediately below shows wind reports and one tornado. There will almost certainly be additional tornadoes added once the NWS's field surveys are completed. There were two possible tornado paths in Houston. The storms in the Houston area caused four deaths. 

The maps below indicate the ongoing power outages from last night's storms. The maps show "customers" which represent one home or one business. Most utilities consider a customer to equal approximately 2.5 people. This means that ~2 million people are without electricity. Given the forecast heat and humidity, this will cause a great deal of suffering. 

Unfortunately, the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms are not over in the region. 
The brown area is where there is a significant risk of tornadoes today.

The yellow area has a significant risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger today. 


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