9:55pm, Updated Tornado Forecasts

The weather in the central United States looks like it will be very active at least through Tuesday. I welcome you to bookmark my blog and to follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert

Severe thunderstorm watch with tornadoes possible from Nebraska to Oklahoma till 4am.

Second watch of the day. It forecasts tornadoes but is not a tornado watch (I wish the NWS would not do this). 

First tornado watch of the day issued for west Texas. 
Note the forecast of strong tornadoes along with grapefruit-sized (!) hail and 75 mph thunderstorm-generated wind gusts. Please keep up with local weather information until 10pm this evening. 

Saturday's Tornado Forecast

The NWS SPC has introduced an enhanced risk of "strong" (≥EF-2) tornadoes into the forecast for Texas. The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes in west Texas and southeastern most New Mexico. 


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