Memorial Day

Today is a day of joy of being with family and friends but it is also a day we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for us. 

I had planned a longer tribute but with all of the tornadoes (more expected today, forecast up shortly), it was just not possible. 

P.S. While it is a holiday for many of us, please keep in mind America's utility workers. Since the storm in Houston two weeks ago, they have been on overtime restoring power. If they are in your neighborhood, take them some lemonade or some other treat. The map is from 8:20am CDT.

P.S. You will find well-deserved criticism (below) regarding the original title of this post. I changed it and apologized. 


  1. For those who have lost a loved one on active military duty—the use of the word “happy” does not resonate with the magnitude of loss the commemoration represents. It is tone deaf, like wishing someone a “Happy Funeral.”
    This is a day of meaning, rather than happiness.

    1. I accept your criticism and apologize.

    2. Thank you, accepted

  2. Agree with the above comment.
    In addition, as much as I respect those working to restore utility service in affected areas, tone deafness is extended by adding - and seemingly equalizing - their work in a discussion about our meaningful, somber Memorial Day.
    If you wish to call out a need to support utility workers, do so in a separate post please.

  3. As a veteran, nothing “happy” about Memorial Day.

  4. Another veteran here, USN.
    Memorial Day is one for civilians to reflect and find meaning in the sacrifices of those who served. For those of us who served, we remember and think about the friends, colleagues and comrades in arms lost every single day.


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