Central Great Plains: High Risk of Tornadoes and Damaging Winds Saturday and Saturday Night

Tornado Risk
Here is the color code:
  • The red, hatched area = high risk of strong tornadoes in my 4-point system ("extreme" is worst, that threat level is rare).
  • Yellow, hatched area = enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. 
  • Brown = significant risk of tornadoes.
I believe the risk of tornadoes will be fairly low before 3pm. 

Damaging Thunderstorm-Generated Winds
Color code: 
  • Purple hatched: High risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger. 
  • Red hatched: enhanced risk of winds of 75 mph or stronger. 
  • Yellow: significant risk of wind gusts of 60 mph or stronger. 
Large Hail Forecast
Color code: Hatching is where hailstones of 2-4" are forecast to fall. 
  • Red is an enhanced risk of hailstones 1" or larger.
  • Yellow is a significant risk of hail 1" or larger.
Use this time to prepare!


  1. FWIW reading the convective outlooks, it appears that the SPC is on the verge of issuing the second High Risk day for 2024, and within three weeks of the first. As of day 2, the issuance is precluded by uncertainty of coverage. I suspect by Day 1 there's going to be a "High" risk area. It's never good when SPC meteorologists use words like "extreme" and "impressive" in severe weather outlooks.


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