What is a "Train Echo"? and Latest Flood Forecast

Here is the 4pm Thursday flood forecast update for the next three days:
In the dark blue area of Texas and Louisiana, "considerable" flooding is forecast. Elsewhere, limited flooding is forecast. 

Train Echoes
Given the current flooding in Texas, some meteorologists are calling the situation a "train echo." I thought you would like to know what that means, especially as we are getting into flood season. 

In the photo just below, you see individual cars as part of a train. Each will move over the star. Now, assume the star is a river basin and go to the next photo.

Below are thunderstorms lined up in a "train" pattern. Each of the thunderstorms will pass over a given river basin and dump its rain. Train echoes are well-known producers of flash flooding. 
So, that's what we mean by a train echo. Keep an eye out for them. 


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