Second Note to Readers....

  • There was a damaging tornado in Temple TX this evening and considerable wind damage (gusts of 100 mph may have occurred) in the suburb of Belton. 
  • We've also had complaints about my piece on Singapore Airlines' severe turbulence encounter regarding the ads. Please scroll down and let me know your experience so I can get it fixed. Thank you!


  1. You are not going to like this, but I gone to the Brave browser to view your blog. It eliminates the ads via the settings I set up in the beginning. I understand the need for revenue, but the ads coming up one, two, or more times within the article is distracting and breaks the flow of reading. Sometimes the ads do not always appear right away, then come up and break the article apart. I believe the ads should be separated to the margins, top or bottom of the page. It matters not what I use (Windows, Chrome, Firefox, phone), it is all the same. So, I use Brave to subvert the ads, which I believe are intrusive to the reading experience.

    1. Bill and Everyone, I don't have a problem if you wish to turn off the ads.

      Safari used to have a setting (haven't checked lately) that "dampened" ads pretty effectively. That might be a good compromise.


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