3-Day Tornado Forecast

Saturday Afternoon and Evening
The area in brown has a significant tornado risk. The area hatched in yellow has an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. It will be important to monitor the weather in this area later today.

Sunday and Sunday Night
Happy to say the risk tornadoes and violent thunderstorms is minimal. 

Monday and Monday Night
Monday may be a bad one. The map depicts the combined risk of tornadoes (likely strong), hail (likely very large) and damaging thunderstorm-generated winds in one graphic. The highest risk is in the red hatched area, then the yellow hatched risk and finally the (relatively) lowest risk is in the yellow area without hatching. The brown area is there to provide a padding for uncertainty.

If you live in these areas, I urge you to plan to monitor local weather conditions on Monday. Of course, I will updated this forecast tomorrow and will provide multiple updates Monday. 


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