11:30pm Summary of Tornado Watches

11:30pm  Tornado watch until 5am.

10:45pm  New Tornado Watch till 4am.

9:55pm, tornado watch for Tennessee.

7:05pm, Another tornado watch has been issued until 1am. Please make sure you have a way of getting tornado warnings during the night!

6:50pm,  This situation is currently transitioning -- a solid or near-solid line of thunderstorms which will cause damaging thunderstorm-generated winds while the supercells ahead of the line produces tornadoes. Multiple damaging tornadoes have occurred the past three hours and the danger will continue into the overnight hours. 

You will find public shelter locations here

This particularly dangerous tornado situation will continue until 11pm. 

3:45pm A tornado watch has been issued just to the west.

4:04pm, a number of severe thunderstorms are in progress. Please monitor the situation closely!
Amber = the two tornado watches currently in effect. 


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