Thursday, January 12, 2023

Tornadoes Kill at Least Six Today

Update, 9:25a Friday. Tragically, a seventh person has died in Georgia. 

The tragic tornado outbreak in the Southeast is finally winding down.

To the East of Selma, tragedy.
Addition (7:24pm): Fox News is now reporting that six have been killed.

It is unusual that a tornado outbreak begins before 8am, but that was the case today. The pink on the map below depicts rotation tracks in order to give you a sense of the geographic breath of the tornadoes. They show where there was rotation above the ground. Where they are denser, they are more likely to equate to a tornado. 
Map as of 6:45pm

This is a map of tornado, wind damage, and high wind (>58 mph) reports since 6am this morning. Click to enlarge. A number of wind damage reports will likely be converted to tornado reports once the NWS local offices do their damage surveys. This data is through 6:45pm. 

Below is a more detailed rotation map. The area with the deepest red/white/blue is where tornadoes were most likely and of the strongest intensity. The reported fatalities occurred between Selma (arrow) and I-65.

Power is out in a number of areas.

Addition at 9:20am Friday: AccuWeather has a well-done summary. 

There is still a chance of a tornado or two during the next three hours in the brown area (below).

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