In Case You Had Any Doubts That Wind Energy is a Religion

In Australia, they are installing a wind farm, an energy source that only works part time to begin with, in a location where it can be operated just seven months of the year! The reason for the part-time operation is that operating it the year 'round would endanger the Orange-Bellied Parrot. Really.

Wind farms produce energy ~30% of the time. This wind farm, over the course of a year, will produce power an estimated 17% of the time! Plus, they have to spend hundreds of millions on transmission lines and an undersea cable. 

This is utterly insane. 

In Europe from last week:

Wind Energy's Poor Production Just Gets Worse: 

The above isn't the only recent study showing wind turbines failing prematurely. Here's another

As Warren Buffet said,

"For example, on wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit."

My opinion based on the evidence?  

                  We should not add a single additional wind turbine to the grid. 

So, why are windmills being installed from coast to coast? I'm told the wind energy industry has excellent lobbyists who spend a lot of money. I suspect that, plus the tax benefit, is the real reason. After all, people in NYC and DC do not have to pay for wind energy (they don't have any) nor do they have to live with less reliable electric service. 

It has become politically incorrect, especially among legislators and utility executives, to criticize wind energy because both the Biden Administration and federal regulators love them. 

The only way I can of stopping this lunacy is for us to write our legislators and tell them to stop. Otherwise, our rates will continue to rise and there will be more black and brownouts. 

Addition, 9:50am Wednesday: Of course, there are plenty of "solar priests" as well -- as the world's largest solar farm goes bust. I give solar a bit of a break because there is still some possibility of a technological breakthrough that will make the conversion of sunlight to electricity more productive. That just isn't the case with wind. 


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