"If Wind and Solar Developers Were Required to Include the Batteries Needed to Make Their Projects Reliable, None Would Ever Be Built"

There have been numerous articles the past six months stating that all we need to do is hook batteries into the wind (and solar) farms so that we get electricity even when the wind is calm. 


I haven't written on this topic before because, instinctively, I thought this won't work because our current technology isn't even close to being sufficiently capable to make this scheme work.  

Now, there is a price tag for this. Are you ready?  $175 trillion dollars

The details are at the link, along with the quotation that is the title of this post. 

Yes, global warming advocates want us to spend eight times the U.S.'s gross national product to replace a system that worked very well (the U.S. grid prior to 2000) and inexpensively (the U.S. grid prior to 2000) for something that doesn't work -- with any consistency consistency -- as we again learned over the Christmas period. 

And, remember, the more wind and solar we install the worse the problem gets. You can have ten times the number of wind turbines in Kansas (#2 for wind) and, when the wind is calm, you get exactly the same amount of electricity: Zero. 

And, once you have spent the money for the additional wind turbines, those funds are no longer available for electrical generating plants that make economic sense like nuclear, hydro, or natural gas. 


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