Monday, January 23, 2023

Yes, the California Drought is Over

The global warming crowd wants you to believe that it was global warming that caused the vitally-needed rainfall that has fallen in California since Christmas. Climate change wasn't the cause; even the extremely liberal Los Angeles Times now agrees
Now, the global warming crowd wants us to believe the drought is not over. I disagree. The U.S. drought monitor, mentioned in the article at the link, has a bias in favor of drought and is not a completely objective metric. 

In piece published Thursday, University of Washington professor of meteorology, Dr. Cliff Mass, agrees. The drought is over. The data agrees, also. 
The objective Palmer Drought Index, as of the 14th (latest available), shows no drought in California. Keep in mind that a considerable amount of rain has fallen after the 14th. 

The good news is that it appears there will be significant additional rain in February. 

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