No, Yesterday's Tornadoes Were Not Caused by Global Warming

The usual suspects are at it again -- as they are after every major storm -- with bad journalism pertaining to global warming and tornadoes.
Yes, global warming has affected tornadoes: Tornadoes are less bad than they were 50 years ago!

Below are the official NOAA figures of tornadoes of EF-4 and -5 intensity.
The trend in violent tornadoes is unmistakably down. There hasn't been an EF-5 intensity tornado in almost ten years. 

This result is not surprising. Classic global warm theory says the poles warm more quickly than the tropics. This is verified by actual data. Over time, this causes less temperature contrast between the poles and the equator. It is that temperature contrast that provides the energy for the jet stream and to power storms. With less temperature contrast, there is less energy for thunderstorms and tornadoes and -- unsurprisingly -- fewer violent storms. 

We lost eight precious souls in yesterday's storms. We need to be focusing on improving the tornado warning system (which itself has had issues in recent years), improving storm warning communications, and improving sheltering options. Everything else is just noise. 


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