January's Required Reading - COVID

This is a fascinating piece about how our self-styled "betters" can't bring themselves to admit they were wrong then it came to COVID treatments, and especially, the vaccines. It begins:

If you haven’t yet encountered it, here’s the new orthodoxy on vaccine hesitancy from self-styled public intellectuals Sam Harris and Scott Adams (paraphrased): the science as it unfolded suggested that the vaccine hesitant had no valid rational basis for that hesitancy; while those who promoted mandates were wrong only accidentally, given that they were basing their position on the science as it had been reported to them by those most credentialed to do so.

I used to follow Scott Adams on Twitter but discontinued him more than a year ago when he seemed to just say the same thing over and over. But, I ran across him again just after Christmas and was shocked by how upset he was by people who were correct about COVID and the vaccines.

I highly encourage you to read the piece at the above link.

Because I don't have an immune system, I was initially terrified by COVID. I believed what Dr. Birx said (I shouldn't have) during the daily news conferences with Dr. Fauci and President Trump. I never bought into Fauci because of his 180° unscientific switch on the value of masks plus something in my head said, "Don't trust this guy." 

Without giving you the entire background story, I was thrilled to get the vaccine (I've had three shots) and believed what I was told about its high efficacy. My opinion started to change in the summer of 2021. On the 21st of September I wrote the piece below.
That piece seems to have stood the test of time. It is clear now the vaccines were highly oversold, that masks do not work against COVID, and that Vitamin D and other remedies that were mocked ("horse medicine") actually do work. If it were my family, I would be reluctant to recommend the vaccine to anyone under 50 that was in otherwise good health. I have had three jabs and, at present, do not plan to get more after my severe reaction to #3 (each jab had a worse reaction than the one before). I have also had COVID, got pretty sick, the ER gave me an anti-COVID drug, and I got better quickly. 

In another sign of how bizarre the situation has become, California and others are passing laws to cause physicians to lose their licenses if they differ from the politically correct wisdom. This is extremely dangerous. Now that we know Moderna withheld data from the FDA about the vaccines, will they be punished as severely as Governor Gavin Newsom wants to punish individual physicians?
Political correctness has no place in science!
Science changes over time. 
There is more than a little evidence that Fauci has serious conflicts of interest and it also appears that Fauci sent money to the Wuhan, China lab that may have created this monster. I hope that Republican House will conduct a thorough, non-political investigation (I realize I am asking for something unrealistic, but I can hope) of him and how he ran his governmental department. 


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