Dr. Judith Curry's Video "Hidden" By YouTube

This video, "There is No Climate Emergency" by Dr. Judith Curry -- one of the world's foremost climate scientists --  has been "hidden" by YouTube. That means that when you search for the video, it no longer comes up. See the results of my search, below.
When Judy believed that global warming was a potential catastrophe, she was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. Over time, she changed her mind based on the complete lack of evidence that global warming is an existential problem. She also agrees with me that forecasting the climate or weather 80 years from now (all of the predictions for the year 2100) is absurd. 

For Judy's scientific honesty, she has suffered a great deal professionally. For example, see this headline from Nature, which (until it degenerated into a shill for global warming propaganda) was one of the world's most prestigious science publications. 
"Turns on her colleagues." Has there ever been a less scientific headline? Science is not about personalities, politics, or opinion polls. It about what can be proven and reproduced. But, these days all of the trillions of dollars and prestige are on the side of global warming zealotry. Quality science is not required!

So, I bring Judy's video to your attention because I believe it is well worth your time, plus -- in my own small way -- I wish to push back against YouTube (owned by 'Don't Be Evil' Google, of course) and its censorship. 


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